We design high school curriculum and professional development resources for teachers and leaders.

Who We Are

The Teachercate team are accredited teachers, lifelong learners, bookworms, thinkers and creative minds. We love seeing that lightbulb moment when a lesson suddenly clicks (hence our logo). We believe that everyone deserves to feel valued and to discover their purpose.

We also have real-world experience beyond the classroom… in writing, web marketing, organisational management and professional development. We’ve worked with government, industry and small business owners both within and beyond the education sector and are keen to share what we’ve learned along the way.

We’re here so that you can Enjoy your teaching.

We’ve walked in your shoes and know the incredible commitment and energy it takes. We know the struggle and the juggle… and want to support YOU to be a better you.

We design resources that will create lightbulb moments for your students… that stretch, challenge and engage.

… quality resources that deliver what they promise, save you time and won’t hurt your hip pocket!
If we can make something better, we will.

10% of every sale supports literacy programs for underprivileged children… thank you for partnering with us!

What We Do... and Why

We know from experience that teaching is rewarding but challenging.

Our mission is to bring you great teaching resources that will help save you time, enjoy your teaching even more and help you to be a better… you.

From a curriculum perspective, our expertise is in middle and high school English, Media, Business and Communication. We’re particularly passionate about the power of story, digital marketing and media literacy. Words, web and watching!

In addition to lesson plans and assessment tools, we’re also working on a range of resources and building a community to support YOU on your professional and personal journey. Because after all, we never stop learning—who’d want to?—and we know that we’re better together.

Our Team

Amanda specialises in high school English, Arts and Business. She's led staff teams, coordinated student cohorts and administrated curriculum programs. She always has too many books on the go, and loves to get out into nature.


Teacher | writer

Dean has decades of experience in internet marketing, SEO and course creation and delivery for adults. He's a researcher and drummer, and loves to end the week with a whiskey by the firepit.


Web marketer | trainer