Who Am I Digital Media Project

Suggested Grade Levels: 9-12
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“Who am I?” The age-old question becomes an engaging practical digital media assignment for high school students, who can really get creative! Students will design a series of photographs, print ad or magazine cover, and present their finished products to the class.


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This practical digital media project has students creating visual representations that reflect who they are.

Students love choice! They choose two of the following media forms:

  1. A series of five photographs – these must be cohesively linked
  2. An advertisement – this could be anything from a billboard to a soup can label!
  3. A magazine cover


During this project, students will:

  • Work through the three stages of pre-production, production and post-production to design and implement two products’
  • Write a written intention statement for their idea
  • Hone practical production skills (photography, editing, use of digital tools/software)Demonstrate a practical understanding of the concept of representation, and the ways in which media codes and conventions are used to express ideas and meanings
  • Develop general capabilities such as time management, planning and organisation)
  • Critically analyze their work
  • Deliver an oral presentation before an audience


Essential questions that will be explored:

  • How does the use of different media forms affect representation?
  • How can I use codes and conventions to express ideas and meaning?


What’s included?

  • Two-page assignment explaining the three stages of production, presentation and assessment containing editable fields for adding due dates
  • Assessment rubric in two versions – the teacher can print and handwrite, or type into digital PDF fields
  • Photographic images to inspire different ways of thinking
  • A sample of actual student work in the form of a magazine and a series of digitally manipulated images
  • Sample teaching outline demonstrating how this digital media project may be used as a summative assessment at the end of a unit on representation – and how to get there!
  • Key term definitions


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