Film Production Roles Flash Cards Activity Pack

Suggested Grade Levels:  8-12
File Type:  PDF (6 MB, 38 pages)

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Help your students master film production roles with this set of Film Role flash cards and activities. Many uses!


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The world of filmmaking involves so many different jobs, often with strange names, like foley artist and gaffer! Help your students master film production roles with this set of Film Role flash cards and activities. A perfect addition to your film studies unit or as an introduction to practical projects, the flash cards help students to explore film industry careers and their place within the three stages of film production.

One set of flash cards and lots of uses! There are five activities outlined in this pack that will reinforce learning and recall of film role terms… and I’m sure you can come up with more!


What’s included?

  • 105 flashcards
    – 49 film roles from Art Director to Wrangler (print 3-to-a-page)
    – 49 plain-language definitions of each term (print 3-to-a-page)
    – 3 production stage cards – pre-production, production, post-production
    – 4 blank editable cards to add your own roles and definitions
  • List of roles according to their place in the three stages of film production
  • Activity instructions


How can I use them?

Great question! Simply print, laminate and cut and there are many uses for them!
Here are some suggestions (explained in the resource notes):

  • Giant Venn Diagram activity – clear some space and get students moving with a fun collaborative task as they allocate roles to the three stages of film production (detailed instructions and suggested answers are included in the resource). A great activity to do outdoors on a nice day too!
  • Match-up – pair roles with definitions around the room – another activity to get students out of their seats
  • Concentration – giant memory floor game!
  • Exit card – student selects a random card and provides the correct definition or role that matches the card pulled
  • Flash cards – use individually, in groups or as a class to test knowledge of terms. If you laminate your cards, students can also write on the back with a whiteboard marker

This product complements the Film Roles Quick Guide – a handy 3-page list of 49 film roles and plain-language definitions!

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