Media Arts Project Proposal

The Media Arts Project Proposal is a digital and printable two-page form which helps students articulate their ‘big idea’ for a major media project.

Grade Levels: 9-12
File Type: PDF (3 MB, 4 pages)

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This template takes students through a series of questions to allow them to convey the essence of their project:

  • The main idea or theme
  • Why they want to explore it
  • The medium they’ve selected to work in and why
  • A brief description of what they envisage the final product to look like
  • Factors they’ll need to consider as they plan

Students can submit the proposal for teacher approval before commencing pre-production. There’s a section for teacher feedback and a tick of approval or ‘back to the drawing board’ if the idea needs to be reworked or fleshed out.


  • 2-page PDF template in two formats – lined for printing, and fillable fields for student to type via computer or device


How I use this resource:

I have my students book a one-on-one time to conference with me to present their idea. They should be familiar enough with their project that they can talk it through with me without reading straight from the proposal sheet.
You can approve the idea or send them ‘back to the drawing board’ to think through their idea some more before you sign off on it.

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