Oral Presentation of a Media Issue | Digital, Print and Distance

Suggested Grade Levels:  9-11
File Type:  PDF (10 MB, 20 pages)

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This resource walks senior students step by step through the process of researching, planning and delivering a persuasive speaking oral presentation on a currently debated media issue. At this higher level, students will skilfully use argument to present a sustained and reasoned point of view to persuade their audience on an issue.



Perfect for distance learning or home schooling, the detailed instructions guide students through each phase of the task at their own pace in order to research, plan and deliver a well-crafted oral presentation.

This resource is both digital and printable; students can type directly into the planning templates, or print and handwrite.


  • Assignment sheet with customizable topic and due date fields
  • Four Phases instruction sheets – Research Your Issue, Select Your Point of View, Draft Your Script and Final Preparation
  • Research planning template (4 pages) enabling student to record source details, main contention, key arguments and techniques as they analyze articles
  • Step-by-step instructions to walk student through how to develop their own stance on the issue
  • Oral planning template (5 pages) based on essay structure to help student design an effective presentation – can also be used for a written essay
  • Editing and preparation tips
  • Customizable marking rubric – choose your own marking method – scores, grades, standards, percentages? in both digital and print versions
  • Resource notes on selecting topics for oral presentations



  • Additional guide 1: #Awesome Oral Presentation Tips on voice, body language and use of cue cards
  • Additional guide 2: #Filming at Home Tips with advice on setting, lighting and camera if your students need to present via video (e.g. live on Zoom/Skype) or pre-recording


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