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Help your staff team get to know each other, develop rapport, connect and feel valued through great conversations! This pack of icebreaker activity question cards is perfect for team building and a great back to school welcome activity for staff meetings and events.



Positive staff culture is a key component of any great organization or functional team! It enables ideas to flow, empowers collaboration, increases productivity, and enables us to feel a part of something worthwhile and valuable.

These conversation-starter cards are a fun and engaging tool that can get interactions flowing and help your staff develop meaningful connections as they share with each other. The cards:

  • are perfect for start-of-year welcome events like staff orientation, retreat or camp
  • can bring some fun into your staff meetings
  • are great to help break the ice with a new team working together for the first time.
  • Each card contains an engaging image on one side and a question prompt on the other. Questions are deliberately light and optimistic, focusing on interests, positive teaching and life experiences and tips from the teaching journey.

There are multiple ways you can use the cards, and I’ve provided several ideas in the resource notes.

Although a conversation-starter activity may seem simple, it has the potential to build rapport and value into every person who participates. I have seen this activity transform the mood of a room from tired and disconnected to animated and energetic!

What’s included?

  • 20-page PDF document for printing of 40 double-sided cards on US letter paper –
    • 20 cards with general getting-to-know-you questions (white background)
    • 20 cards with teaching-related questions (black background)

  • bright high-resolution images (all images are approved for commercial use)
  • a unique conversation starter question on the back of each card – note, topics are not related to the image on the front
  • cutting guidelines – simply print, cut, laminate and use!
  • Resource notes and facilitator tips with ideas for ways you can use these – although I’m sure you could come up with more!


Other development resources

  • #QuickTIPS: Filming a Presentation at Home is my first in the #QuickTIPS series (more to come soon!). In this age1 where working and studying from home are becoming the norm, being able to present yourself on screen – either live or via a pre-recording – is a key skill to have under your belt!

  • #QuickTIPS: Awesome Oral Presentations:  simple, common-sense tips in plain language that will help you students polish your delivery. Even as teachers we can stand confidently before a class, but ask us to speak before our peers or parents, and we can find our knees knocking just as our students do!


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