The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Novel Study Unit

Grade Levels: 5-8
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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Novel and Film Study unit introduces students to the basics of narrative—character, setting and theme—and explores the differences between the novel and film version of this well-loved classic of childrens’ literature.



Introduce students to the basics of narrative and explore the differences between the novel and film versions of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!
Rather than a complete dissection of the novel, the emphasis of this unit is on promoting the experience of immersing yourself in a great story and connecting with its characters. Students develop their appreciation for great literature, and later rediscover the story in its adaptation as a blockbuster film.
Students are engaged through a variety of activities and assessment tasks which develop core competencies and appeal to varying learning styles. These include an enthusiastic reading of the text; visual design in poster creation; creative writing in the nature of a first-person journal task; text comprehension and collation of information via graphic organisers; text analysis via reading and comparing written and visual texts.
The unit can be taught over 8-10 weeks, including reading the complete novel in class together, viewing the film and reviewing key scenes.

Included in this 20-page resource:

  • 4 pages of vocabulary worksheets
  • A pre-reading picture book graphic organiser task on theme, character and setting
  • Assessment Task 1: ‘Design a Poster’ text response task including rubric
  • Assessment Task 2: ‘Pevensie Journal’ creative writing text response including rubric
  • Post-reading reflection task
  • Teacher notes identifying differences between novel and movie
  • Graphic organiser for collating differences in novel and movie
  • Assessment Task 3: ‘Key Scenes Review’ text analysis task including rubric
  • Resource notes with suggested teaching sequence and other recommended activities


Digital and Print:

All worksheets, graphic organizer, assignment sheets and rubrics contain fillable PDF fields
– assign to students to complete on computer or device, or
– print and write for in-class use!


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