Visual Arts Project Brainstorm Template

Grade Levels: 9-12
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It’s tough for students to come up with an idea for a major work of art, and that’s where this Visual Arts Project Brainstorm Template comes in handy!


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Large-scale projects will be time-intensive, taking weeks or even months to execute. Students need an idea that they can ‘live with’ for an extended period of time without growing tired of it.

This four-step template helps students to identify the things that inspire and interest them most in life and helps them begin to formulate an idea they can develop in their next creative project.

Students work through four steps:

  • brainstorming their interests;
  • unpacking four ideas in detail;
  • thinking about their preferred medium and identifying artists who work in this area;
    and finally, beginning to solidify two potential options for their creative project.



  • 5-page PDF template in two formats – one for printing and filling in by hand, and a second as a fillable PDF form for completing on a device


How I use this resource

Students can work through the template at their own pace, or you could assign individual steps over time or assign them for homework.

I often assign this initial brainstorm as a summer holiday task prior to the commencement of the new school year. Students can take their time to complete it in detail when they’re fresh and inspired!

Once students have settled on their big idea, they will conference with me for final approval – see related resource Visual Arts Project Proposal

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